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Full service building projects

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We are a buinding and construction company specializing in comprehensive construction projects. Our activities always start by try to find out what kind of expectation a client has in his project. It is very important because it allows us to prepare the best design, which will be suited to the needs of the customer. Satisfaction of our customer is very important to us. Good conversation is a starting point for further, successful cooperation.

After meeting and discussing all the major issues, we come to the preparation of the preliminary draft, which includes more details. We do not want to skip any issue, we fine tuning the project in every way, and then the next step is a process of implementation.

We offer our advice on all matters related to the implementation of the project. We choose materials, we suggest the best and the most optimal solutions. We know that not everyone is familiar with the construction industry, so we try to help the best that we could. We strive in our work to ensure that the client was fully satisfied in the end of the project. It is for us a great satisfaction and motivation to set themselves higher goals.

In our work we use only modern equipment and computer programs, which make it easy to provide accurate visualization of the project. Everyone interested in our services please contact us.


Door woodwork

The standard, classic doors from dark wood. Single wing, inset with double glass. These doors are equipped with a robust security system. They are also soundproofed and have a high coefficient of acoustic insulation. Therefore, this is a good idea to choose this door if the entrance to the house is close to a busy […]

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Building materials

Our company is supplie by the building materials of the highest quality. The choice of materials is extremely important. Their quality determines the manner of the whole structure. We placed stable, strong and reliable buildings. We know what kind materials we should use and we present our proven offerings to people who do not have […]

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Window frames

The windows presented there are recommended in places which are exposed to increased noise coming from outside. The company or the university is a place where we should be focus at work and lectures. Because these strong windows are available in custom size, they always will fit perfectly. They are not energy efficient, but the […]

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The prize for the competition for the best construction company in 2015

We are pleased to inform you that the company “Bozar” won the French competition for the best construction company in 2015. The company also received an award for comprehensive service of high quality. The plebiscite was organized in Paris, and the competition stood about 100 companies, both French and foreign.

Thank you very much for each vote cast, and we are delighted that so many people has for our company trust. We invest in each other, that each of you was satisfied with the cooperation. We hope that as our clients will join the people of Polish. I’d love will show what we can do and why it is worth asking just for us.