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Door woodwork

The standard, classic doors from dark wood. Single wing, inset with double glass. These doors are equipped with a robust security system. They are also soundproofed and have a high coefficient of acoustic insulation. Therefore, this is a good idea to choose this door if the entrance to the house is close to a busy road.

Parameters: width – 100 cm, heat transfer = 2,2W / (m2K), sound insulation Rw = 35 dB.




There are a door in newer generation, which uses enhanced security system. In this model, there are four pins, so that getting to the inside of the building is practically impossible. These systems operate efficiently for many years. These doors because of the quite modern design fit the modern houses. They are popular with people who appreciate minimalism and safety.

Parameters door width – 110 cm, heat transfer coefficient= 2.0 W / (m2K), sound insulation Rw = 30 dB.



We also offer room doors in many different colours- from white models, through pine doors to the dark brown propositions. This model is available in standard size or in custom sizes on request. Doors are smooth in a simple form. They are matching to the modern, minimalist interior. Light mechanism of action, the door closed with a key.

Parameters: width – 80 cm, heat transfer coefficient= 2.4 W / (m2K), sound insulation Rw = 15 dB.



Classic interior doors, a single, uniform color with selected by customer pattern. You can insert glazing. The doors are fitted as standard on the hinges. Their typical size allows the installation even in old buildings. You can choose a lot of colour versions. The doors fit perfectly to the modern arrangements.

Parameters: width – 70 cm, heat transfer coefficient= 2.4 W / (m2K), sound insulation Rw = 10 dB.