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Our projects

There we present some of our projects:

Modern design of twin house. There is ground floor, first floor and attic, which can be exploited or converted into a room. The house has’t got a garage, only the driveway in front of the building (specially separate place to park a car). Simple block of the house makes the rooms are large and well spaced, which greatly facilitates their device.

We are applying there such criteria as: floor area, type of building, distribution of the roof, its height, finish, size of the plot and the full cost.



Single Family Home with ground floor and first floor without attic and garage. Their is a separate space in the driveway which gives us place to park a car. Behind the house there is a place for the terrace, which can be arranged in any way. The spaces are open, kitchen is connected with the dining room and open to the terrace.

With this project we mainly take into account such criteria as: size of the plot, floor area and type of building.



Another project is a three-storey semi-detached house with a separate terrace at the very top. Modern solution used in this project allows to achieve a huge space. You can easily isolated in the distribution space a living room, dining room, bedroom and office rooms to work.

Basic criteria: distribution of roof, the size of the plot, usable and cost overall.




Single Family Home, three- storey with a basement and a separate pantry. Good for large families or multi- generational families. There is lots of space and a large ammount of light thanks to the installation the tall windows. Optionally an underground parking- according to predetermined design.

Criteria: the surface, land, cost and finish overall.




Family house with two floors, semi-detached but so extensive when it comes to the surface that without a problem everyone will find in it a place for themselves. A lot of open space. Kitchen connected with the living room and dining room is a very fashionable trend now. The modifications are possible and you can adapt one of the wall to your own design of space arrangement.

The criteria in this project are: the dimension of the plot, usable, finish, roof and garage.