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Window frames

The windows presented there are recommended in places which are exposed to increased noise coming from outside. The company or the university is a place where we should be focus at work and lectures. Because these strong windows are available in custom size, they always will fit perfectly. They are not energy efficient, but the biggest plus is the soundproofing at the highest level.

The parameters of these windows are as follows: Ug = 0.6W / (m2K), width 52 mm, Uw = 1.2W / (m2K), sound insulation Rw = 35 dB, the construction of three-chamber window.


Tinted windows, that’s designed for those who have built a house close to the road, neighbors, and at the same time those who appreciates the privacy and tranquility. This modern windows, which in addition to being tinted from the outside, are soundproof and energy efficient in the same time. Due to their size, they let a lot of light into the room. In modern construction it is is commonly used solution, which allows to have the rooms, which could be perfectly illuminated.

The parameters of this type of windows: Ug = 0.5 W / (m2K), width 46 mm, Uw = 0.5 W / (m2K), sound insulation Rw = 40 dB, two- chamber construction of the window.

For people, who are looking for perfect windows to their flats the best recommendation are standard, plastic windows, which are easy to open and unseal. SThey are very durable and once installed serve many long years. Size, if necessary, can be modified, before giving the information to the manufacturer. These windows have a high sound insulation, which can cheer especially those who live on the ground floor near the playground.

Basic parameters: Ug = 0,7W / (m2K), width 48 mm, Uv = 0.6W / (m2K), sound insulation Rw = 30 dB, two- chamber construction windows.


Another suggestion is a window and sliding door in one. They are characterized by especially strong construction and light mechanism of action. These windows fit perfectly to the modern houses, especially to the room, which overlooks the garden or on the terrace. These windows are additionally secured with the key, so no one from the outside could not, without our knowledge, to get inside. These windows are energy efficient and soundproof.

There are the parameters: Ug = 0.8 W / (m2K), width 44mm, Uv = 0.5 W / (m2K), sound insulation Rw = 35 dB, three- chamber structure.